Keel Industrial Mobility Apps

Keel Industrial Mobility

Apps customized for field services

in the asset-intensive industries

Keel Industrial Mobility

Apps for on-site data collection,

inspections, and maintenance




Keel develops mobile apps that improve performance and data quality within plant maintenance and materials management (EAM) in the Energy Sector.

Our detailed knowledge about this sector is crucial in order to create customized apps that support the specific maintenance and logistics workflows used by field staff in the industry, thereby lowering cost significantly. Our apps are designed for harsh environment mobile devices.

Equipment Inspector

Perform inspections of equipment on technical units faster and more accurate.

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Data Collector

Collect and verify field data, integrated with your EAM or CMMS system.

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Interactive technical drawings on touch screens, tablets, and smartphones showing ERP/CMMS data.

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Hose Manager

Turnkey management of the replacement of flexible hoses on industrial units.

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Procedure Inspector

Check and document that on-site procedures are followed in a quick and easy way.

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Keel industrial mobility solutions

  • Truly offline

    Not just simple caching. The software logic is in the app on the device enabling synchronization of complex data.
  • Customized for asset-intensive industries

    Not just standard apps for any business area. Optimized for field services in the heavy industry.
  • Integrates with many systems

    Designed to handle big data complexity, importing/exporting advanced data to/from EAM/CMMS systems and other data sources.
  • Advanced Data Management Module

    Comes with a admin module used to manage users, collected field data, QA, reporting etc.
  • Predefined content

    Saving time by containing standard comments, field values, reducing data entry time for field staff.
  • Highly configurable Checklists

    Can be customized for any work flow in the field.
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On-site data collection using mobile devices

Ensure full traceability and high-quality documentation
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Interactive technical drawings showing EAM data
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Hose Management

Turnkey management of flexible hoses on industrial units
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Equipment Inspector

Inspect equipment on industrial units
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